About us

EIRM translates complex knowledge into useful practice. We work on the basis of research-based knowledge and sound practice, and stay up-dated on the latest research findings and methods, and we follow international developments, trends and the continuous innovation of our areas of interest, as we further develop and adapt to our customers ' specific wishes.

We work on the basis of a holistic and proactive perspective on risk, combined with an anthropological understanding of both the customer and the end customers ' world and issues. We focus on how to translate strategy into concrete practice and meaningful and value-generating ways of life.

EIRM consists of a multidisciplinary team of partners, employees and associated parties with competences in human and social sciences and communication with many years’ experience in senior management in private and public enterprises. We also have experience in developing strategies, concepts and tools, and communicate about these. EIRM is a network company, which cooperates with a number of experienced external consultants and researchers. This makes it possible for us to always adapt the team to the task.

EIRM was established in 2001.