Risk Books

Sharing risk management publications and research is an essential part of the EIRM mission. Here are our current reading recommendations:

Managing Risks in Public Organisations
Young, P.C. & Fone, M., Perpetuity Press, 2005

Public Sector Risk Management
Young, P.C. & Fone, M. Butterworth-Heinemann, 2000


Posted alphabetically by Author:

The Risk Society and Beyond
Adam, B., Beck, U. & Van Loon, J., SAGE Publications Ltd., 2000

Adams, J., Routledge: Abingdon. Oxford, 2001

Perspectives on Strategic Risk Management
Andersen, T.J., Copenhagen Business School Press, 2006

Strategic Risk Management Practice: How to deal effectively with major corporate exposures
Andersen, T.J. & Schrøder, P.W., Cambridge Press, 2009

Predictable Surprises – The Disasters You Should Have Seen Coming and How to Prevent Them
Bazerman, M.H & Watkins, M.D., Harvard Business School Press, 2004

Against the Gods – The Remarkable Story of Risk
Bernstein, P.L., Wiley, 1996

Panic-ology: What's There to Be Afraid Of?
Briscoe, S. & Aldersey-Williams, H., Penguin, 2009

Cellular Phones, Public Fears, and a Culture of Precaution
Burgess, A., Cambridge University Press, 2003

Risk Revisited
Caplan, P., Pluto Press, 2000

Risk in the Modern Age
Cohen, M.J., Palgrave, 2000

Enterprise Risk Management – Integrated Framework
COSO, 2004

Social Trust and the Management of Risk
Cvetkovich, G. & Löfstedt, R.E., Earthscan Publications Ltd., 1999

Risk and Blame
Douglas, M., Routledge, 1992

Risk and Culture
Douglas, M. & Wildavsky, A., University of California Press, 1983

The Logic of Failure
Dörner, D., Perseus Books, 1989

Risk and Morality
Ericson, R.V. & Doyle, A., University of Toronto Press, 2003

Risk, Media and Stigma
Flynn, J., Slovic, P. & Kunreuther, H., Earthscan Publications Ltd., 2001

Megaprojects and Risk
Flyvbjerg, B., Bruzelius, N. & Rothengatter, W., Cambridge University Press, 2003

Culture of Fear
Furedi, F., Continuum, 2002

Invitation to Terror
Furedi, F., Continuum, 2007

Politics of Fear
Furedi, F., Continuum, 2005

Risk - The Science and Politics of Fear
Gardner, D., Virgin Books Ltd., 2008

Risk: Why We Fear the Things We Shouldn't And Put Ourselves in Greater Danger
Gardner, D., McClelland & Stewart, 2009

Reckoning with Risk
Gigerenzer, G., Penguin Books, 2002

Policy Uncertainty and Risk
Hellström, T. & Jacob, M., Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2001

Understanding and Managing Risk Attitude
Hillson, D. & Murray-Webster, R., Gower, 2005

The Timid Corporation Why business is terrified of taking risk
Hunt, B., Wiley, 2003

Organizational Encounters with Risk
Hutter, B. & Power, M., Cambridge University Press, 2005

An introduction to the IRGC Risk Governance Framework
International Risk Governance Council, Geneva 2008

Risk, Uncertainty, and Rational Action
Jaeger, C.C., Renn, O., Rosa, E.A. & Webler, T., Earthscan Publications Ltd., 2001

Social Theories of Risk
Krimsky, S. & Golding, D., Praeger, 1992

Enterprise Risk Management
Lam, J., Wiley, 2003

Transboundary Risk Management
Linnerooth-Bayer, J., Löfstedt, R.E. & Sjöstedt, G., Earthscan Publications Ltd., 2001

Risk & Modern Society
Löfstedt, R. & Frewer, L., Earthscan Publications Ltd., 1998

Lupton, D., Routledge, 1999

Organized Uncertainty Designing a World of Risk Management
Powers, M., Oxford, 2007

The Audit Society
Powers, M., Oxford, 1999

Human Error
Reason, J., Cambridge University Press, 1999

Risk Governance
Renn, O., Earthscan Publications Ltd., 2008

Global Risk Governance
Renn, O. & Walker, K., Springer, 2008

Risk A Practical Guide for Deciding What's Really Safe and What's Really Dangerous in the World Around You
Ropeik, D. & Gray, G., Harvard Center for Risk Analysis, 2002

Beyond Fear
Schneier, B., Copernicus Books, 2003

The Perception of Risk
Slovic, P., Earthscan Publications Ltd., 2000

Risk Management Standard (AS/NZS 4360)
Standards Australia, 2004

Understanding Risk Informing Decisions in a Democratic Society
Stern, P.C. & Fineberg, H.V., National Research Council, 1996

Laws of Fear
Sunstein, C.R., Cambridge, 2005

The Black Swan – The Impact of the Highly Improbable
Taleb, N.N., Penguin Books: New York, 2007

Why Things Bite Back
Tenner, E., Vintage Books, 1996

Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness
Thaler, R.H. & Sunstein, C.R., Paperback, 2009

Managing the Unexpected Assuring High Performance in an Age of Complexity
Weick, K.E. & Sutcliffe, K.M., University of Michigan Business School, 2001