EIRM Online Course in Risk Management

The EIRM Online Course in Risk Management is an introduction to enterprise risk management (ERM). The course targets individuals, who wish to learn more about ERM and how it is practiced; and also companies who wish to develop a common risk language among employees and a common understanding of the company’s approach to risk management.

You will be introduced to the most important terms within ERM and to practical tools and strategies to the implementation of ERM. The course is developed in accordance with the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission’s (COSO) principles for enterprise risk management. COSO is an international recognized standard.

The course is based on self-study and self-testing and can normally be completed over four weeks if studied one to two hours a day. The reading material is about 80 A4 pages. When the course has been completed and passed, EIRM emits a certificate as proof of your accomplishment.

Currently the course can be taken in Danish, English, French, Dutch and Swedish.

The course has been completed by Risk Managers, employees and leaders in public, private and multilateral organizations in Denmark, England, Holland, Ireland, Malaysia, Sweden, Uganda and the United States.

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