Strategic Advising

EIRM advises private and public companies in the management of internal and external risks.

Our advising is holistic and based on the company’s strategy. It is enterprise risk management based on extensive experience with Danish and foreign companies and internationally recognized risk management standards. Our advising has a particular focus on integrating the company’s risk management in ongoing commercial management and governance processes already established in the company.

It is of particular importance for many companies’ to strengthen three elements of the executive management of risks:

1. Holistic identification of the risk landscape
2. Risk communication in relation to internal and external stakeholders
3. Risk innovation

Solid risk management processes with strategic and commercial perspectives are ensured through thorough and holistic identification of the company’s risk landscape.

The ability of a company to communicate its risks to both internal and external stakeholders is essential to the establishment of effective risk management processes and to ensure that the company complies with the requirements of corporate governance standards.  EIRM has developed the competences required to ensure these processes.

Our innovative approach to enterprise risk management ensures assumed risks will contribute to the company’s value creation. It is our experience that much of traditional risk management and financing do not seize the opportunity to creating value through risk innovation.

For further information on EIRM strategic advising please contact Finn Kjær Jensen, phone: +45 2899 5210.